Welcome to the Loma Prieta Lodge


 A NEW Mountain Biking & Hiking destination in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Where “It’s all downhill from here”

Friends don’t let friends stop riding…

        Hi guys!  I am Malaina, a lifetime mountain resident and lover of being on two wheels.  When my first husband taught me how to ride, I was elated!  I had no idea I would be able to: ride steep climbs, navigate rocky obstacles, and clip my shoes into the pedals of a mountain bike.  Accomplishing these feats gave me access to ridiculous adventure I had never experienced before.  I knew I was destined to create a place for riders on my property in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  I even began “Toasties Trail” when I was pregnant with my first of 3 kiddos.

Then came the kids…

     My days of whimsically hopping in the saddle of my fully suspended bike were over…  Until now…

     My husband, Ian and I, with three kids in tow, are fed up with looking at our bikes, yearning.  We are working hard to fulfill on our dream.  We are in the design and planning phase of creating an exquisite yet down to earth environment where people of all walks of life can feel comfortable and at home exploring our trails.

An example of what you can expect from the Loma Prieta Lodge Trails

       We have hired world class trail designer, Drew Perkins, to begin mapping out the trail potential on our 77 acres.  The property is conveniently located near Demonstration Forest, some of the best downhill in Bay Area, and will boast an elevation drop of 1,200 feet.  We are excited to also announce that one of our biggest undertakings will be to provide a lift powered by the gravity of water.  Thus fulfilling on our motto, “It’s all downhill from here”.

    In addition to trails on the property, from the Lodge site, there is a fun, yet rugged climb up Loma Prieta Way to the towers at the peak.  There you will find opportunities like:  the recently opened park at Mt Uminum, the radical downhill thru Rattlesnake Canyon, and the secret trek to Demonstration Forest thru Buzzards Lagoon.  Until the lift is worked out, the Lodge will provide a shuttle from Demo back up to the comfort of a fully appointed Bed and Breakfast.

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